Monday, April 14

Getting Out of Your Cocoon

Ever got the itch to travel more? To adventure more? To live more? I did.

The world is literally at the edge of your feet. Waiting for you. No more excuses. No more no's and cant's. Just do it. Just live it. 

Summer 2014 will be all about living, exploring and adventuring this planet with people I love and cherish. 

New experiences coming your way.


xo, Jess

Wednesday, September 18

Tippy Toes

A few pictures of my beautiful mother and my godson I took while on my trip last week :) That kid is definitely a natural in front of the camera. 

He loves it when my mother reads him a book. He was yelling ''open'' each time she closed it after finishing reading it. His cute little personality always makes me smile and laugh.

Cheers to having the cutest and funniest and most awesome nephews! 

xo, Jess

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