Monday, April 14

Getting Out of Your Cocoon

Ever got the itch to travel more? To adventure more? To live more? I did.

The world is literally at the edge of your feet. Waiting for you. No more excuses. No more no's and cant's. Just do it. Just live it. 

Summer 2014 will be all about living, exploring and adventuring this planet with people I love and cherish. 

New experiences coming your way.


xo, Jess

Friday, March 21

On Having a Life Plan (not)

You've figured out that you're not at a place where you've envisioned yourself and your bucket list is pretty much intact... and has been this way for a little while now? You feel like you're in a rut not knowing where to go and where to start? 

I like to think whenever you feel this way is simply because situations have happened in your life lately that has made you question your current reality (job, relationship, money, etc.). Therefore, you now feel a bit shaken up and what you thought was your comfort zone is now a complete blur. Perhaps you've lost your job, or didn't get the job you wanted. Perhaps your partner just broke up with you or the person you've had a crush on since forever just got serious with somebody else.

Shit happens. Life is funny that way. More often than not, whenever you feel like you've had it all figured out... everything seems to change in an instant and becomes a new ''unknown'' reality.

I strongly believe it's immensely impossible to predict what will happen in 5-10 years from now let alone tomorrow or just the next hour of the day. As much as you may feel like your life is in a still, just around the corner is the unexpected and the inevitable.

Perhaps I may be a bit biased since I'm currently in my mid-twenties but... it seems like of all periods of my life (yet), this has been one of the most unknown, undermined, unplanned of them all. No matter how hard I dream and work hard everyday, there is so much about my life that feels unstable.

Where to go next? I honestly don't know. My heart is filled with wants and dreams but every time I try to take a step forward, my feet keeps getting tangled with one another.

The scariest thing of them all is that everything relies on me. The decisions that are to come are all ones that I will have to make myself. Sure, it may not be life or death types of decisions but certainly life changing.

Filled with questions about the unknown...

xo, Jess

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